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Conventional Yeast Platform

(No need to send samples to China)

Pronetbio has a world-leading, complete and constantly updated yeast center technology platform. We provide project services such as yeast one-hybrid, yeast two-hybrid and yeast three-hybrid experiments.

Our Next-generation sequencing, Genome Scanning Analysis and ProS-3D Structural Analysis take scientists' study to the higher level and provide more research directions for downstream experiments.

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Peptide Library Screening

Peptides are synthetically accessible, amenable to chemical tailoring, and have the potential to bind the typically shallow surfaces seen in therapeutically relevant—and historically intractable—protein–protein interactions (PPIs). Peptides can either act as natural ligands in the form of cofactors, coenzymes, and hormones, or directly interact with macromolecules including proteins, RNA, or DNA.

Gene-centered Y1H (Nuclear System)

Yeast one-hybrid system is a technique developed from yeast two-hybrid to study DNA-protein interactions, and is widely used to study the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells, such as identifying DNA binding sites to discover potential binding protein genes, analyzing DNA binding structural domain information, etc.

TF-Centered Y1H (Nuclear System)

A technology based on yeast single hybridization was established to identify the recognition elements of transcription factors, named TF centered YIH. This technology can accurately, quickly, simply, and efficiently identify transcription factor recognition elements, and has broad application prospects in the study of protein DNA element interactions.

Two-Hybrid (Membrane System)

DUAL membrane system designed to identify interactions involving integral membrane proteins or membrane-associated proteins is derived from Dualsystems Biotech AG.

Abiotic-Stress Resistance Gene Screening

Saccharomyces cerevisiae belongs to eukaryotes, which is closer to the expression system of plants and animals. This expression system includes the following processes: glycosylation, disulfide bond formation, and Post-translational modification of protein folding.

Three-Hybrid (Nuclear System)

The yeast three-hybrid system is mainly used to study more complex macromolecular interactions including three components, providing a new method for the study of protein-protein-protein, protein-RNA-protein, and protein-small molecule-protein interactions.

Two-Hybrid (Nuclear System)

The yeast two-hybrid system is a research method for identifying and detecting protein interactions in living cells, which is performed in the eukaryotic model organism yeast, and is now used in several research fields because of its high sensitivity and wide applicability.


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