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Customer Cooperation Publications

Time Institute Article Name Author Project Journal IF Download
2022 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences RLM1, Encoding an R2R3 MYB Transcription Factor, Regulates the Development of Secondary Cell Wall in Rice Chen Zhenhua TF Frontiers in Plant Science 6.627 Download>>
2022 Nanjing Forestry University Characterization and Interaction Analysis of the Secondary Cell Chen Peizhen Yeast Library International Journal of Molecular Sciences 5.9 Download>>
Wall Synthesis-Related Transcription Factor PmMYB7 in Pinus
massoniana Lamb.
2022 China national rice research institute The clock component OsLUX regulates rice heading through recruiting Wu Weixun chip-qpcr Journal of Advanced Research 12.822 Download>>
OsELF3-1 and OsELF4s to repress Hd1 and Ghd7
2021 Nanjing Agricultural University/Zhejiang University GhUBX controlling helical growth results in production of stronger cotton fiber Zhang Naina Co-IP iScience 5.458 Download>>

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