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Congratulations! ProNet Biotech and Nanjing Agricultural University signed a contract to co-establish Biosynthetic Process Technology Research Institute.

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On the afternoon of July 14, 2022, the signing ceremony of Biosynthetic Process Technology Research Institute jointly established by Nanjing Ruiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Agricultural University was held at the Frontier Cross Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University. Dou Daolong, President of Frontier Cross Research Institute, Man Baoming, General manager of Qixia Science and Technology Industry Development Co., LTD., Xu Quan, Director of Social Cooperation Department of Nanjing Agricultural University, Liu Caozhi, general manager and Zhu Ye, Vice general manager of Nanjing Ruiyuan Biotechnology Co., LTD., and Cui Zhongli, Professor of Life Science College of Nanjing Agricultural University, attended the ceremony. Sheng Xin, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Frontier Cross Research Institute, presided over the signing ceremony.




Dou Daolong introduced the basic situation of Nanjing Agricultural University and Frontier Cross Research Institute. Mr. Zhu introduced the basic situation of Nanjing Ruiyuan Biotechnology Co., LTD., and expressed his gratitude to the university and Frontier Cross Research Institute for their long-term support and help to the development of the company. Prof. Cui introduced the preparation process, positioning and future development planning of the Biosynthesis Process Technology Research Institute. On behalf of Nanjing Qixia Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, General Manager Man Baoming congratulated on the successful signing of the contract between the two parties and briefly introduced the basic situation of Nanjing Qixia Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.



Director Xu Quan and General Manager Liu Caozhi signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both the university and the enterprise in the presence of President Dou Daolong and General Manager Man Baoming.



Director Xu Quan put forward two hopes in his summary. First, he suggested that both sides clarify the system and mechanism of the operation and management of the institute, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of both sides, give play to their respective advantages, and achieve a win-win situation. Second, actively integrate school, enterprise and local resources to jointly promote the construction and development of the institute.



Finally, Deputy Secretary Sheng Xin said that the two sides will take the institute as the carrier to carry out in-depth cooperation in the cultivation of graduate students, optimization and screening of personalized medium, cell line transformation and the adaptability of cells and viruses.

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